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My name is Buita Radu, 44 years old, my proffesion is mechanic. I am living in Gugesti, Vrancea, ROMANIA.
My family state
I have a family of 7 persons, 5 beeing minors beetwen 6 months and 12 years old.We are homeless.
We live in 2 rented rooms that we have to free up till the end of may 2002. Actually, I am not working anylonger because of a semi-paralize at the right hand.


Now, I am close to remaine without a shelter and I am asking for a material or finacial help.

Buita Radu

cont B.C.R.
in lei 2511.2-9523.1/ROL
in USD 2511.2-9523.2/USD

cont through Crucea Rosie (The Red Crois), Vrancea branch
in lei 2511.1.-1097.1./ROL B.C.R.
for Buita Radu


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